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Less and less days left to the date when citizens of villages Roncal and Bearne gather together again to celebrate holiday Tribute Of The Three Cows at increasingly famous Piedra de San Martín, or  how it´s called on other side of the Pyrenees, Pierre de San Martin. It will take place on July 13th when the mayors of the two valleys lay their hands upon the other on the stone and repeat in unison "avant pax, pax avant, avant pax".
For hikers who are looking for a challenge and breathtaking views we have selected 3 mountaintrails in Larra Belagua, Spanish Pyrenees, with impressive views both during the trail and at the top. Below is the description of this wonderful tours.
TIP: It is advisable to bring a compass.

You go on holiday with your children, want to escape from your daily routine and enjoy beeing in nature together.  Inhaling the fresh mountain air and resingt in the shade under a tree. Culture, history and nature bound together and not having to think ahead or plan anything. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect holiday!? That is why we have made a list  with  things to do together with your kids to enjoy your holiday in the valley of Roncal to the maximum.


There are several good reasons to visit the valley of Roncal. Along with the magnificent beauty of nature, the valley is known for its excellent gastronomy. After a nice walk through the karstic mountains of Larra Belagua, I would like to recommend you to try some of the most typical dishes of this valley. If you have plans to expand your stay in the Roncal Valley I suggest you try them all!


In the unspoiled nature of the valleys of Roncal and Belagua is it definitely worth to walk one or several easy walking trails. Whether you choose to visit the authentic villages and monuments, or take one of the hiking trails through the most extraordinary ecosystem of the Spanish Pyrenees. there are many different routes, each with its own character, for every hiker something. The more experienced hikers who like a bigger challenge I refer to the blog about mountain hiking.

Do you want to escape from the city? Inhale the fresh air in the mountains? And most of all, do you want to enjoy your holidays? The valley of Roncal in the Spanish Pyrenees is the perfect place to spend a holiday in total harmony with nature and dream away. A secret tip for people who love authentic undiscovered holiday areas. There are several kinds of cultural and natural attractions to recommend. From this we have selected a number of routes and trips that are definitely worth it.


Asolaze, Isabena, Caserio San Marcial, Bordes de Graus, Borda Castell, El Solsones.

Do you want to camp this year in the Spanish Pyrenees? Or are you looking for beautiful (nature-oriented) campsites in Northern Spain? Do you like to stay in touch with nature?