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 We are sorry to inform you that we have stopped to run campsite Asolaze.   Read more...

The good news: For loyal guests and lovers of our unique atmosphere and management style, we can recommend camping Isabena,  a nature campsite in the central Spanish Pyrenees with wellness facilities and swimming pool. 

Four years ago we started to realize a new concept for a nature campsite with added value. With nature campsite Asolaze, in Isaba, we wanted to create a place where man and nature work together, sustainable in every way. A place where the combination of beautiful nature, a cosy atmosphere, a varied program of activities and a high quality of accommodation, facilities and service would guarantee a rich experience.

We have worked hard to prepare a base for this unique concept, encouraged by the feedback from our guests with so many positive comments about the transformation and change of management style.

 Unfortunately, in the given situation of this spot, it proved impossible to maintain and further develop this concept, leaving us no other option than to stop.

We think this is very unfortunate and so do many of our guests.

 After receiving many questions regarding recommendations for an alternative, we started to look for a campsite in Spanish the Pyrenees with a similar atmosphere and management style. We found it thanks to various tips from guests who have visited both campsites.

Gladly we recommend camping Isabena

 Camping Isabena is situated at the small, idyllic village La Puebla de Roda, amidst the beautiful mountains of the central Spanish Pyrenees and offers similar mix of nature, family friendly atmosphere, high quality service and sustainability.

 Spanish-German family Badia manages the campsite and receive their guests in a family-friendly fashion. The camping offers comfortable accommodation like Bungalows, Mobil-homes, small wooden houses and 80 spacious camping spots.  

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