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Larra Belagua

The Belagua valley, the highest and also widest part of the Roncal valley is formed by a glacier. The altitudes vary from 1000 meters down in the valley, where the river ‘Belagua’ flows, to 2428 meters at the Mesa de los Tres Reyes, the highest mountain in the Navarre Pyrenees.

Most important ecosystem of the Spanish Pyreneees

In the north of the Roncal Valley, is the most important  and most unique ecosystem of the Pyrenees, the Nature Reserve of Larra. This most impressive karstic area of ​​Europe reached from Isaba through the pass to Piedra de San Martín in France (at an altitude of over 1750 meters). A breathtaking scenic route with magnificent views along deep gorges, mountains, forests and waterfalls. A mystical landscape with many contrasts between the rocks of Larra and huge black spruce.

The highest peak of Navarra

The highest peaks of the Pyrenees of Navarre, as the Mesa de los Tres Reyes, Ukerdi, the Budogia, the Txamantxoia and Lakartxela, and other nearby mountains, such as the Anie, the Petrechema and Acherito, form the boundary of this broad valley where for centuries people and nature live in harmony.

Protected nature

On the high pastures grazing sheep, cows and horses, while species such as marmots, chamois, ermine, partridges, golden eagles, bearded vultures and bears occur in the most remote corners.

Some places in the Belagua valley are protected by law because of their ecological value. During a walk through the Nature Reserve of Larra and Aztaparreta or Ukerdi you may see flying bearded vultures, eagles and grouse or find the chamois and marmots.

Paradise for mountain sports

For lovers of nature and mountain sports is Belagua like a paradise. An ideal place to climb the more than 2000 meter peaks, mountain bike or a hike on the numerous trails, floating under a parachute to enjoy a unique landscape or rappelling down canyons. In wintertime you can find more than 22 km rammed and marked cross-country ski trails  and you can make snowshoe walks through picturesque forests of Belagua.

Caves and speleology

Larra is full of many deep underground cavities. The most famous is the one of Piedra de San Martín, with a vertical dimension of more than 1200 meters is one of the favorite places for people who love speleology. Inside is a very spectacular cave room, the Sala de la Verna. This cave hall is 160 meters wide, 200 meters long and in some places more than 160 meters high. On one side there is also a large, more than 80 meters high waterfall.