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Small campsites in Northern Spain

The north of Spain is breathtakingly beautiful, very green and authentic. The traveler  searching to discover wild nature and authentic mountain culture, should consider to visit  the provinces of Huesca, Catalunia and Navarra in the Spanish Pyrenees. Here  you will find small campsites in and around the rustic mountain villages in undiscovered beautiful nature and plenty of opportunities to walk.

During the summer there are also numerous opportunities for rock-climbing and water sports and you can enjoy skiing in the winter.There are many great places in the woods and alongside lakes to camp peacefully. 

The North coast of Spain is highly recommended: not too hot in summer, green nature, many attractions and few, mostly  Spanish tourists. Highlights include the Basque coast, Santiago de Compostela and the National Park Picos de Europa. From the famous restaurants in San Sebastian in the Basque country, to the cheese caves in the rough Asturias, with  the beaches of Cantabria in between: this is a Spain where discovering is still possible.

Here is a selection of some small campsites in Northern Spain.



Nature Camping Isabena

Open from March 23 to December 15.

The campsite is 750 meters above sea level on the southern edge of the Central Pyrenees, near the village of La Puebla de Roda in the province of Huesca, Aragon. The valley of Isábena is still barely discovered as touristic area. there are fascinating flora and fauna with many bird species and large vultures. Despite the height of about 750 meters, the valley of Isábena has a balanced mild microclimate, there even can grow olive trees.

In spring and autumn the weather is pleasantly warm and resistant. This makes it suitable for a longer stay or for  people who prefer not to travel in the high season.

Recreational opportunities: hiking on marked paths, pool, rafting, canyoning, paragliding and cycling.


Green Farm campsite Caserío San Marcial

Open from Easter to late October. The apartments can be rented throughout the whole year.

This small friendly campsite is situated in the middle of nature, 2 km from the village Salinas de sin, in Aragon. next to the campsite there are several apartments to stay. The campsite is located at a height of 800 meters in the Spanish Pyrenees, near the Ordesa National Park. There are many routes and opportunities for hiking, biking, canyoning and climbing.

The campsite is close to a road, but because the terrain is slightly higher, the cars can not been seen from the campsite. The owner is friendly and helpful and tries to make your stay as comfortable as possible. He also likes to cook dinners on request.

If you want to come with pets you can discuss this with the owner.



Camping Fontebona

Open all year.

Camping Fontebona is located in the northwest of Spain at a half-hour drive from both the Costa Verde, as the stunning Picos de Europa National Park. Cities like Gijón, Oviedo and Santander are nearby. In the neighbourhood there are many nice villages and interesting museums to visit.

Camping Fontebona is a small campsite for nature lovers and peace seekers. Run by a Dutch couple who are still working hard to get the campsite nice and comfortable. Therefore they have a modest range of food and drinks at the bar, but they offer good plumbing and some beautiful places.

The property itself is very hilly, with many trees and inaccessible to vehicles. The campsite has space for 30 tents. At the camp, children can play in the woods re go for a ride on the donkeys Anes and Lola (for people to about 60 pounds).

From the campsite you can walk straight into the mountains. Next to the campsite is the river Marea, to fish (salmon and trout) or to bathe. There is also a community pool.

A bit further away you can canoe or do horse riding, here you can find fabulous small sheltered beaches on the Costa Verde.

El Paraiso del Burro

The campsite is located in Arobes, close to Arriondas, in the eastern part of Asturias and is bordered in the north by an unspoilt rocky coastline with many beaches, and at the south side by the impressive Picos de Europa.

you will camp in an apple orchard next to the forest which is part of a private nursery of old and neglected donkeys and mules.

Recreational activities include: Walking with a donkey and picnic at the Area Recreativa, canoeing on the River Sella, visiting the caves of Ribadesella and in Cangas en Onis, going to the beach, visiting the town of Llanes, excursion to the lakes of Cova Donga in the Picos, Visit the cave/Cathedral of Cova Donga.



Camping Fragadeume

Open from April 1 to September 10.

Camping Fragadeume is a mountain campsite, not far from the sea around an old farmhouse near the nature park ‘Fragas do Eume’. Here is the latest original Atlantic forest in Europe. This area, dominated by deciduous trees, is a natural treasure of both Galicia and the Iberian peninsula.

It is an ideal place to enjoy a holiday in the great outdoors for children and parents, especially by the private security and many space.

Recreation: swimming pool, children's playground, horse riding, canoeing, climbing a steep wall and walking.



Camping Urbasa

Open from Easter to late October.

 Located in the natural park of Urbasa-Andia the largest beech forest in Europe in higher altitude, this campsite is an idyllic place for hiking, mountain biking and everything related to mycology.  Camping Urbasa is the perfect place to get lost whenever you wa 


Camping Asolaze 

The campsite, is located, the valley of Roncal, Navarra at a height of 900. On the campsite, you will find sanitary facilities,  an inn, several bungalows to stay and a restaurant.