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Asolaze Campsite Spanish Pyrenees

 We are sorry to inform you that we have stopped to run campsite Asolaze.   Read more...

The good news: For loyal guests and lovers of our unique atmosphere and management style, we can recommend camping Isabena,  a nature campsite in the central Spanish Pyrenees with wellness facilities and swimming pool. 



The Spanish Pyrenees are nature experience par excellence… an environment where you can breathe out and recharge in the pure, sparkling mountain air and where you can experience the full magnitude of nature's healing and nourishing powers.


 In the harmony of nature we find the beauty of life



The Spanish Pyrenees

The mountain range of the Pyrenees, at the border between France and Spain, is about 430 km long. This oldest mountain range in Europe is caused by a collision of the Iberian Peninsula with the European continent about 50 million years ago and formed by glaciers.

Steep peaks interspersed with green rolling hills, deep gorges, waterfalls, wide forests and valleys and provide a majestic and exceptionally beautiful landscape.

The Spanish Pyrenees are twice as broad as on the French side and run from east to west through the areas Navarre, Aragón and Catalonia with peaks of over 3000 meters. The Spanish section is also strikingly wilder and less touristic than the French side.

Most rain stays at the French side and therefore at the Spanish side it is  pleasant stay with lots of sunshine in all seasons. July and August are by far the warmest and driest months. 

  This website is no longer the website of camping Asolaze in Isaba.The pictures relate to the campsiteT Isabena. The campsite Asolaze remains open with new owners.